Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More sparrows

Tuesday and Wednesday morning's have seen pretty strong sparrow movements through my yard in central NJ.  On Tuesday it was mainly Chipping Sparrows - I rarely see one during the coldest months to these are headed straight through.  On Wednesday it was Dark-eyed Junco's, which may be moving past or settling in since I get a fair number each winter along with the White-throated (some of which have already been hanging around).

At nearby Rosedale Park I got a look at the Le Conte's Sparrow found the day before, although I had to head into work and couldn't spend much time there.  Not altogether too many sparrows at this location, just Song, one Field and a possible Swamp with a Ruby-crowned Kinglet or two and Yellow-rumped Warblers. This was my first Le Conte's east of Texas (the only ones I've seen are in TX and ND).

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