Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yellow-throated Warbler, NJ

As is usual, there's been a lull before and after a birding trip - in this case a combination grouse and Colima Warbler trip - but I did a little birding on Sunday morning to get a locally unusual species, Yellow-throated Warbler.  Was pretty easy to find from the parking lot at Colonial Park (Somerset NJ) and although other migrants were few and far between I did snag Broad-winged Hawk, Eastern Phoebe, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Palm Warbler.  House Wrens and Chipping Sparrows were also obviously already on territory.  Given the incessant singing and moderately favorable habitat it's possible the Yellow-throated may stick around.

Over the other part of the park along the nature trail, the Red-headed Woodpecker persisted.  A second one has also been reported - I saw only one.

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