Saturday, May 5, 2012

Central Park, May 5th

Another overcast day ending in -y, so back to Central Park.  The Grasshopper Sparrow put in another appearance, as did even more Indigo Buntings and a White-crowned Sparrow.  I'd been hearing the White-crowned, but not seeing them, and Falconer's is one of the best places in the park to find them.

The Ramble was significantly quieter than previous days, perhaps with much of the volume of the Weds-Fri migration burst passing through.  Small patches of warbler activity, especially on the west side of the Ramble, added to the warbler species total of 12 but there was clearly a lot less volume around.  Apart from the Grasshopper Sparrow one of the more interesting birds of the day for me was my FOY Green Heron which was feeding in Azalea Pond despite being a little too sensitive to the passing dog walkers and periodically retreating to the trees.  Potential FOY birds Orchard Oriole and Red-eyed Vireo were heard but not seen, but there are still very few Red-eyed in the park.

Green Heron                            
Chimney Swift                       
Northern Flicker                       
Blue-headed Vireo                      
Warbling Vireo                         
Red-eyed Vireo (heard)                    
Barn Swallow                           
House Wren                             
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher                  
Wood Thrush                          
Blue-winged Warbler                    
Black-and-white Warbler                
Nashville Warbler                      
Common Yellowthroat                    
American Redstart                      
Northern Parula                        
Magnolia Warbler                       
Blackburnian Warbler                   
Chestnut-sided Warbler                 
Yellow-rumped Warbler                  
Black-throated Green Warbler    
Grasshopper Sparrow     
Chipping Sparrow                       
Swamp Sparrow                          
White-throated Sparrow                 
White-crowned Sparrow                  
Scarlet Tanager                        
Indigo Bunting                         
Orchard Oriole (heard)                         
Baltimore Oriole                       

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