Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Migration trickles on, between downpours

Even though the deluge is scheduled to continue for the first half of the week, it's nevertheless obvious that some birds are still moving in undesirable conditions.

Monday (17th): large 70++ flock of Cedar Waxwings on campus in Princeton; smaller flock of Cedar Waxwings at the yard in Ewing; Northern Parula singing late in the day at Ewing - a new yard bird.

Tuesday (18th): faint Blackpoll-sounding call from the trees in the yard, and an odd-sounding warble that transpired to be a Magnolia Warbler singing an underperforming song while resting in my spruce trees (probably still quite dry). Magnolia Warbler was also a new yard bird.

I am nervous what this cold-wet stretch of weather will do to tired migrants and early breeders, but at least some are finding food and shelter. It should start drying out and warming up on Thursday.

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