Sunday, May 30, 2010

Six Mile Run, Griggstown, Pole Farm: May 30th

Results for Six Mile Run (Franklin, NJ) were almost identical to the visit on the 26th:
The most cooperative bird was the same Willow Flycatcher, actively marking territory.

Dropping down to Griggstown the grass has grown up but there was somewhat of a dearth of singing heard from the parking lot. Orchard Oriole and Rose-breasted Grosbeak were fly-bys but I didn't linger there.

Instead I headed to Pole Farm to check for Bobolink, which were there in modest numbers (4-5 males, 1 female) along with Eastern Meadowlark and Willow Flycatcher. Despite the new kestrel box, I didn't see any raptors.

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