Sunday, April 11, 2010

My default Central Park birding map

As of writing I've only birded Central Park once this year. However periodically I field help requests from people surfing my web pages so this morning I ended up creating a quick Google map of the birding way-points I hit on a typical good May migration day. I nearly always start at Strawberry Fields and work into the Ramble either via the Upper Lobe or via Bow Bridge.

As an experiment, let's see if I can inline the Google map I created:

View Default CPK Birding Route (Ramble-centric) in a larger map

There's no right way to bird the Ramble, but I aim to start at the sunny edges at Strawberry Fields and the Maintenance Field in the Ramble, then work into the more contiguous canopy. But this varies a lot: some days the south side of Turtle Pond is "hot", some days it's the Point or the trees next to Belvedere Castle, and by mid May the bridle path on the south side of the Reservoir has been good in recent years.

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