Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New signage at Pole Farm

And by "new" I mean "sometime within the last couple of months" - because of a dearth of Short-eared Owls and even Northern Harriers at Pole Farm I've been going there infrequently despite the fact that it's by far my most local interesting birding area.

However on the tail end of the last big snow storm I made managed to get into the parking area off Federal City Road and found this sign on the old barn. It identifies the breeding and wintering grassland-dependent species there and tells the off-leash dog walker to reign them in. Given that Mercer County had not evidenced a clear direction for Pole Farm in the past, this is great news. I expect the dog walkers to largely ignore it, which is where cameras and video come in .......

The sign is also at the parking area at the other entrance to Pole Farm.

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